Mature use case

Ecosystem monitoring at EMSO sites by video imagery


To establish an operational and integrated service at the iMagine platform for automatic processing of video imagery, collected by cameras at EMSO underwater sites, identifying and further analysing interesting images for purposes of ecosystem monitoring.

Development actions during iMagine


Using the iMagine platform for further developing of AI preselection of interesting images and of AI analysis of selected images for identification of biota


Developing standards for managing and storage of the video imagery and annotated images from several EMSO sites in databases


Setting up an EMSO workflow at the iMagine platform with AI analysis service and connectivity of databases


Developing guidance documentation for RIs and RI nodes about standard data management practices and for using the AI analysis pipelines for biota classification


Reaching out to other EMSO sites, to LifeWatch, EMBRC and other relevant external users and providing support and training for adoption

Expected Results


Having a common capacity which can be adopted by all EMSO-sites, contributing to generating and making available relevant input for biodiversity and ecosystem studies

Involved Partners


with departments LOV and IMEV, including platform PIQv operating under the EMBRC RI.


expert in AI processing


expert in AI processing and data management