Use Case: Ecosystem Monitoring at EMSO Sites by Video Imagery

AI-Powered Fish Monitoring for Healthy Oceans

The future of ocean monitoring: AI-powered video analysis.


The European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water Column Observatory (EMSO) aims to explore the oceans, better understand the phenomena happening within and below them, and explain the critical role that these phenomena play in the broader Earth systems. Several of the EMSO sites capture underwater videos. The Marine Ecosystem Monitoring system has developed standards for managing and storing video imagery, and annotated images have been developed.
EMSO workflow has been set up in the iMagine AI Platform using artificial intelligence (AI) to preselect interesting images and analyze selected images for the identification of biota. Documentation and guidance about standard data management practices and the use of AI analysis pipelines for biota classification have also been developed.

Two services will be available on the iMagine AI Platform: a) fish abundance estimation and b) real-time fish detections.

Main Features

  • The AI model will run for inference for a pre-defined EMSO station which acts as its single user. The secondary users will be researchers who use the fish statistics produced from the inference (from Zenodo), and citizens who watch the annotated live feed (from YouTube).
  • The generated scientific datasets (both fish detections and pictures) will be made publicly available at Zenodo under a CC-BY licence. 
  • The DEEPaas API should be used to infer AI models. The data preparation pipeline doesn’t need AI to run.
  • The user’s data will remain private and won’t be available to other users.

Target Audiences and Benefits

Scientific data outputs for ecosystem studies

Tools for automatic data analysis

Real-time data on ecosystem for informed decisions

Real-time fish detections as a fun manner to improve the general public knowledge about marine ecosystems

For fisheries and/or ports manager better understanding of the impact of their activities

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