iMagine call for use cases

Apply and get access to Services, Tools, Training & Support for aquatic science research!

iMagine is an EU-funded project that provides a portfolio of image datasets, high-performance image analysis tools empowered with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Best Practice documents for scientific image analysis.

Updated 12/05/2023

Call details

We want to aid aquatic scientists (both in marine and freshwater research) in implementing image processing applications based on artificial intelligence techniques, and scaling up those applications on large-scale cloud infrastructure offered by EGI.

We welcome applications suggesting use cases whose scope exceeds those already covered by our existing use cases.

  • Support for AI model training
  • Support for image analysis
  • Dedicated iMagine platform
  • Duration 10 months
  • Support to three use cases
  • Raw data (including images) is available, but no image analysis workflow is in place yet
  • No repository is available to store data and images securely
  • Use case with little knowledge of AI and where to start from 
  • Use cases in need of consultancy on the best tools to use

Our team of expert reviewers will help us evaluate projects according to the following criteria:

  • Technical feasibility of the project, i.e. can deep learning methods help?
  • The task can be completed within approximately 10 months of collaboration (under terms to be defined on a case-by-case basis) between the proposing party and the iMagine team
  • What is the potential impact of finding an improved solution for the described analysis problem? 
  • The scientific data you provide, if not public, will be treated confidentially and the reviewers will sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.


You are working in aquatic research and are analysing scientific image data.

The subset of your raw data required by us to work on your analysis task is (or will be before the project starts) openly accessible under a permissive license, e.g. CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, or CC0.

The outcomes of our collaborative efforts could be shared (e.g., through the iMagine website).

Prepare the application form using this template and send it to

Ask your questions or doubts to the same address!

The call will close on July 31, 2023, close of business