Updated 17/05/2024

iMagine at the European Maritime Day

The iMagine Innovation Manager, Smitesh Jain, will participate in the workshop "Observations to Knowledge: Unlocking Ocean Insights" at the European Maritime Day. The workshop is organised together with Blue-Cloud 2026, EuroGOOS and SeaDataNet.

The workshop is in person, and takes place on 30 May at 13:30 CEST.

The workshop aims to explore the intricate connection between AI technologies, data governance, and policymaking within marine ecosystems and how collaborative efforts among initiatives like Blue-Cloud, iMagine, SeaDataNet, and EuroGOOS address them. In addition, the audience can discover how they cooperate effectively to avoid duplication in efforts and enhance data quality. These discussions harness the collective expertise of the initiatives, reinforcing their position as leaders in advancing operational oceanography for comprehensive marine knowledge.