Updated 07/03/2024

AI4EOSC Workshops on AI Development in the EOSC

The AI4EOSC project organises three workshops introducing the AI4EOSC platform, a cutting-edge initiative at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the European Open Science Cloud. AI4EOSC provides a user-friendly workbench and toolbox for developing and running AI models, tightly integrated with EOSC.

In these three sessions, the project will provide a comprehensive overview of AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, delve into AI4EOSC's capabilities, and guide participants through using the platform's dashboard for seamless data analysis and module development. AI4EOSC will also present image processing with AI4EOSC and introduce Federated Learning.

Whether you're a researcher or new to the field, these workshops offer valuable insights and practical guidance for harnessing the power of AI within the EOSC ecosystem. Also if you're an aquatic science researcher, these workshops will facilitate you use the iMagine AI Platform, which is based on the same technology.

Save the date and register for the following workshops:

  • 22nd March: Introduction to the platform
  • 8th April: Image processing with AI4EOSC
  • 22nd April: Introduction to Federated Learning

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